The activities of Café

Your Bonbonniére (Sweet Boxes)

Bonbonniére: Little sweet gifts to thank your guests at your wedding, first communion, graduation, or the christening of your child. Sometimes what’s needed is the most original idea, a useful object, a pleasant memory to be put on display at home.

Why not, then, create something really unique and original, that springs from your own imagination and is made with your own hands?  Art studio Cafè assists you in this artistic enterprise and provides you all the necessary materials and tools of the ceramic and mosaic laboratory, as well as the advice and guidance of expert ceramic and mosaic artists.

All you need is an unpolished object: have a seat in one of our laboratories, let your imagination run free and personalise your bonbonnière for your special occasion just as you wish. You can decorate ceramic objects (boxes, plates, little animals, cups of all sizes) with your favourite colours, or else create little boxes or pictures using mosaics.

Every occasion is a good excuse to make big or small gifts to give to your friends and families who share your special moments with you.