Café il colonnato

This is a place in which is possible to experiment the artistic technique of Mosaic and painting on ceramic while sipping a coffee or nibbling on a delicious snack.

Mosaic Classes

Savelli Arte e Tradizione expanded its activities by opening a new space dedicated to all those who are interested in the art of mosaic: both as a personal passion and as a professional skill.

Arts and Events

The Art Studio Café promotes cultural activities and events of an artistic nature organising meetings, gathering and guided visits discovering Rome.

Creative laboratory

The creative laboratory is dedicated to painting and ceramics and provides colours, paintbrushes, stenciles and objects to decorate. It proposes also courses: paintings, knitting, photography and more.

Discover all the courses of Art studio Cafè

Do you want to attend a course of Mosaic Ceramic painting Filat mosaic Cuerda Seca Ceramic - modeled Photography Radio broadcasting Drawing and painting Music Knit and crochet Feng Shui Re-Design Eco-Wedding ?