Open everyday from 8am to 6pm

Before or after (or during) a half-day going around to visit Rome, it’s always a joy to relax in a nice atmosphere, where shop, cafe and art studio are all together. We are really near St Peter’s Basilica, come in and relax!

Our staff at Il Colonnato self service will prepare you pasta, meat, salads and whatever you need for your wish for Italian taste to be satisfied. You can enjoy a coffee or cappuccino with fresh handmade pastries or cakes.

In the meantime, you can visit our shop: religious articles, precious mosaics, handmade by Italian artists and in our mosaic school, collection objects and the Holy Year specials. Our staff will welcome you in a perfect mood and you can choose presents, souvenirs or something very special and unique from Rome to take home.

We can propose also Arts and we like you to experiment, even for a couple of hours, mosaic workshops or just have a look to our mosaic artists at work.

Stop in Via Paolo VI 27 and you will discover there’s everything you need to relax, enjoy, think about the presents you’d like to bring to your friends at home.

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