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Free Creativity - Art Studio Café

For the first time in Rome, at Art Studio Cafè, you can free your imagination and create your own “personalised” ceramics, whenever you want to, without time limits – while having a snack with friends and meeting “artists” like yourself!

You will have at your fingertips a vast range of objects to work with: plates, teapots, cups, vases, boxes, jewellery boxes, little animals and much more. Once you have chosen a piece to paint, our assistants will provide you with the material, including brushes, colours, stencils and sponges – and they will offer little suggestions where necessary to help with the process of decoration.

When you have completed your piece, our staff will take care of the finishing and baking process. After a maximum of three days, you will be able to pick up your creation – and you’ll be amazed and instantly struck with the desire to start your own collection!

Courses of painting on ceramics.

If you have some free time available, and you want to improve your artistic abilities, Art Studio Cafè, aside from the Creative Laboratory, organises courses of painting on ceramics held by expert ceramics instructors. The courses are structured in lessons of around two hours and will take place weekly. You have the possibility of choosing between morning and afternoon depending on what suits you.  Your children also have the chance to express their creativity – we have a special course for them one afternoon a week.

Stop by, give us a call or drop us a line via e-mail and we’ll give you all the details you need.

The Creative Laboratory of Art Studio Cafè works in the sector of both mosaics and painting on ceramics.

Art Studio Café at Savelli Arte e Tradizione Via Paolo VI 27 - Roma (Saint Peter) tel 0668307017 - 3936005192 - P.IVA 08790331006
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