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The Courses - Art Studio Café

Make yourselves comfortable in our laboratory and while you sip on a coffee, let yourselves be guided by our teachers through the techniques of painting on ceramics and terracotta sculpture. Relax while modelling an object, or grab a paintbrush and free your imagination, under the guidance of experts, who will help you to create a quality product. And if you’re on the search for something ancient and new at the same time, don’t miss the course of painting with the cuerda seca technique.

Your children can also learn while having fun – on a course dedicated to helping them to create their own little masterpieces.

Three Courses offered in the Art Studio Cafè Creative Laboratory:

- Painting on ceramics (for adults and children)

- Painting on ceramics with the cuerda seca technique (only for adults)

- Terracotta sculpture

Course of Painting on Ceramics:

The course aims to promote the theoretical and practical knowledge of ceramic art and the different decorative techniques and the knowledge of the ceramic colours and finishes; and allows one to contact an ancient craft that, over the course of history, has developed a variety of expressive languages.

Course of Painting on Ceramics: the Cuerda Seca Technique

The Cuerda Seca technique was introduced in Arabic spain in the XV Century. It represents a unique way of using colours on clay. Marks are traced onto plates, tiles and vases and are then coloured in with paintbrushes.

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