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The activities of Art Studio Café - Art Studio Café

Art Studio Cafè organises cultural activities through on-site gatherings as well as guided visits around Rome (sites, monuments, exhibitions). Enjoy a delicious breakfast and then head off to discover the Capital City, accompanied by our guides who will reveal the most striking and suggestive places to you.

Strolling around Rome

The theme of these walks is to discover our city with its numerous artistic masterpieces, extraordinary museums and an infinite number of churches, villas and buildings.

The second Sunday of every month, Art Studio Café organises something a little different for both adults and little ones… the details will be posted for those interested.

Important Exhibitions in Rome

Rome has a variety of amazing places where exhibitions of an international standard are held.

Art Studio Cafè organises visits guided by art history experts, which will allow you to deepen your knowledge of artists and their works, step by step.

Gallery Exhibition for Young Artists

Art Studio Cafè, thanks to its spacious laboratory, holds temporary exhibitions dedicated to its areas of speciality: Mosaics and Ceramics, as well as exhibitions of other artistic fields: Painting, Sculpture and Photography.

On the occasion of an Exhibition opening, Art Studio Café will arrange an extraordinary evening opening to launch the occasion and provide the space for a fun and interesting event.

Art Studio Café at Savelli Arte e Tradizione Via Paolo VI 27 - Roma (Saint Peter) tel 0668307017 - 3936005192 - P.IVA 08790331006
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