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Incontri Romani and Incontri Vaticani

Incontri Romani and Incontri Vaticani - Art Studio Café

Once a month we will discover the most beautiful aspects of Rome with Nicoletta Fattorosi Barnaba, journalist, hystoric of the Arts, writer.
On Wednesday, in Art Studio Café, she tells us stories, poems, curiosity about Rome, from the ancient period to today. We will see pictures, chosen by Nicoletta, listen to her and be involved by her contagious enthusiasm.
She tells about Rome and its monuments, streets, churches, social and political organization, famous people and nice stories to be known.

After the conference, we will have dinner together, in an easy and happy atmosphere and with special roman menus, different every time.

On Saturday, one a month, we will go and discover Rome in many interesting guided visits: museums, palazzi, churches and very exclusive places will be shown by Nicoletta for an unforgettable experience!

For whom likes to discover the secrets of the Vatican, we organize guided visits to St. Peter and many places in the Vatica State. We'll go and visit also special places, that are difficult to be booked.

Are you ready to discover Rome?

Art Studio Café at Savelli Arte e Tradizione Via Paolo VI 27 - Roma (Saint Peter) tel 0668307017 - 3936005192 - P.IVA 08790331006
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