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Special Kits - Art Studio Café

Art Studio Cafè offers bi-monthly Mosaic courses whereby you can learn the secret techniques of the ancient art of Mosaic. For those who are not able to attend a course or would simply like to enjoy a day of something a little different, taking the chance to relax and experiment with something you haven’t tried before – we also provide a Mosaic experience with specific kits for different occasions and needs.

The kits contain all the materials necessary for creating a mosaic from small to medium size, with support and tiles. It is possible to choose the level of difficulty and complexity, the dimension and the type of Mosaic. Our Mosaic masters and instructors will give you a hand throughout the day, they will assist you in the composition of the work which, once completed, will be yours. A pleasant and relaxing way to spend the day and, who knows, perhaps discover a new passion to be cultivated in more depth.

For those who would like to take home a “little Mosaic school”, our bookshop has books with instructions and materials for creating do-it-yourself mosaics at home.

Art Studio Café at Savelli Arte e Tradizione Via Paolo VI 27 - Roma (Saint Peter) tel 0668307017 - 3936005192 - P.IVA 08790331006
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