Art and events

Culture and entertainment

Our living room in the center of Rome is the ideal place to celebrate a special occasion or spend an evening with us. Theme nights, cultural events, cocktails, show cookings, book signings with authors and special guests are some of the events we've been organizing in 6 years.

Events that are proposed to us (we are always open to new suggestions) or that are designed and carried out with success and passion by our staff and our employees. "Incontri romani" with Nicoletta Fattorosi Barnaba animate every month in the evenings to discover Rome and lead us to discover beautiful places of our city and the Vatican, during walks and guided tours.

And Burraco Tournament welcomes players of Rome and beyond, providing an opportunity to win special prizes, being together, sharing a passion.

We look forward to your suggestions and we invite you to take a seat in our living room.

Art Studio Café at Savelli Arte e Tradizione Via Paolo VI 27 - Roma (Saint Peter) tel 0668307017 - 3936005192 - P.IVA 08790331006
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